Slightly worldly. Career mom of two amazing kids.
Live in Cape Town. Projects Director in Ogilvy Action: experience implementer by profession and passion.
I used to find Social Media daunting but I am here. To conquer. And conquer I shall!
My core intention here, is to learn – learn in general but specifically to broaden my Greek vocabulary. The language is complicated on a good day (each noun is either male, female or neutral and the prefix/suffix for each is different!) but every day, I will endeavor to learn something new and broaden my horison that is Greek.

As I am not exclusive to this phenomenon, I am here to share and be shared with. so, if you have a phrase/word/sentence to add, I would love for you to add it.

Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival (I cant remember who said this!)


2 responses to “About

  1. Irene Gavanellis

    Kali, you have nothing to worry about. Every time I explain to people that my Greek sucks cos I never really spoke the language growing up, the reaction is always the same; first the shrug of the shoulders and then they all say that most Greeks don’t speak Greek correctly!!!
    μια χαρα τα πασ, μου λενε. I’m doing just fine, they say.
    This is a great idea, we all need a little help.

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